=IF(Synth>=On,"OK","Not OK")


=IF("Can soundlike"=Photographic(MATCH,"Vince","Depeche")THEN("Form band",TRUE)


=HLOOKUP("New Wave","Mode","Mute","I Start Counting",INFLUENCE)




=OFFSET("Quo","Jam",MATCH("Sudden Sway"))




=IF(Synth>=(Roland D10,CZ101,Poly800)),ADD(Logic+)


=COUNT("Podcasts",2012,"FRZ Alternative","The Electric Show","Bynar's Indie Disco"),MATCH(iTunes)


=SUM("Photostat Machine")*(Yogi Wan,"Blind Fly Theater","r@v3n")THEN("Collaboration",TRUE)

Photostat Machine is an independent pop duo making synthesizer/electronic-based songs since 2010. They are Adam Dodgshon and Nik Krudeshaw - York lads working from London and Edinburgh.
Two LPs, ‘Signs Of Life’ and ‘Common English Mistakes’, were released in 2011 and showcase diverse songwriting and a range of moods, from driving dance rhythms to gentle ballads with space, atmosphere and lunar references. 

Signs of Life, the first LP showcased their unique take on life, love and being idle.

As well as featuring the indie disco pop of George Goes To Moscow, Common English Mistakes includes their first collaboration, with UK producer/rapper Yogi Wan, on the pounding 'The Outsider'.
A third LP 'Preview\Transmission' was released in 2012, taking the themes of love and longing and crafting them into 10 luscious songs. The LP features the warm synths of Nothingsong, the pacey pop harmonies of Lately and the endearing The Sun And The Moon And The Stars & The Rainfall. It also includes a collaboration with American spoken-word artist Blind Fly Theater, highlighting the diversity in sound and ethos that drives the Photostat Machine.
Photostat Machine has also released a series of EPs featuring only new songs and exclusive mixes not included on the LPs; Scratch from the Mistaken Identity Theft EP being amongst their most played tracks on SoundCloud. With a current electronic sound, backing interesting and thoughtful songs, loaded with melody and addictive harmonies, you can hear that Photostat Machine's influences. These influences stem from 60s vocal bands to new wave and electronic pop of the 70s, 80s and beyond. 

Photostat Machine songs are receiving plays from over 50 countries and songs and interviews are increasingly being featured on a number of radio shows and podcasts across the globe. These include Fallen Rock Zone - Alternative (US), Bynars Indie Disco (Greece), The Electro Show (Canada) and UK based East Lothian FM, Krystal Radio, Riviera FM and Phoenix FM. Adam, a former club DJ has also appeared as a guest DJ and presenter on Fallen Rock Zone.

2013 has seen the release of the duo's 4th studio LP 'Deadly'. The LP features a collection of 10 sinful synthpop tracks, combining the positive and negative connotations of the word deadly. The album spawned 3 more EPs in 'Kiss Me', 'Embrace' and 'Nightshades', each playing with the life affirming 'Deadly' theme.
www.photostatmachine.com has been launched to coincide with [LP04] Deadly and features exclusive White Label and Promotional releases, including the well-received EP 'Do You Want\Love?' which took the collaboration with LA electro artist Raven to several other levels with 4 remixes of the track. Look out for a 7-track 'Sins' remix LP of tracks from Deadly, and other surprises.

Future movements, projects and collaborations can be found on our Latest News page, so check back regularly to keep in the loop.  You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get real time information.
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